more like “p.s. you suck”

jamie and i just watched the movie “PS I Love You”.  i’m used to crying at the end of movies … but seriously, did you have to make me cry THROUGH THE ENTIRE FREAKING MOVIE??!! sorry for shouting. it was wonderfully horrid though.  if jamie had not been in the room, i would have been blubbering like a baby, snot running down my face, and not actually seeing the movie cause my eyes were puffed shut from crying. sigh, i love Love movies. especially when they don’t happen the way you think they should but still end pretty well.  the only problem with girls watching love movies is that somewhere inside of you, you wish you were the main character (yes, don’t lie you do it too).  but the weird thing about this movie is (stop reading this now if you haven’t seen the movie and ever plan to, plot spoilers up ahead!! serioiusly) that i don’t want to be her. i don’t want my husband to die. i don’t want him to send me letters. i don’t want to sleep with his best friend and only find out it was his best friend after i’ve slept with him and then have him tell me stories of him and my dead husband when they were kids. i don’t want to make shoes. though i would like to take my mom to ireland. so i guess this would be the exception to that girls-wanting-to-be-the-main-character-in-hopelessly-romantic-movies.

i’m just glad i have found my jerry.


One thought on “more like “p.s. you suck”

  1. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the movie although I could hardly see the end due to the puffy eyes. I loved it so much I watched it 3 times before it was due back. Jose just rolled his eyes (after he wiped them)!! Sniff, sniff!

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