dinner table discussions

my family got together tonight for dinner. and when i say “my family”, i mean my mom, dad, brother and guest, moms twin, 3 cousins and spouses and children, and my little personal family.  so it was quite the “to do”.  at any one given moment there was an infant being fed and lots of cackling going on (i call the hoard of women that is my family “the cackling hens”).  at one point during the evening as kristen and i sat in a back room feeding our youngins, the converstation(s) in the other room reached a really loud volume… they were discussing politics.

in my family, that is an explosive topic.  my moms side of the family are very much conservative Republican George W Bush lovin people.  my mom’s twins side of the family love Hillary Clinton.  so discussions of politics usually turn into “polite” arguments where no one actually listens to anyone else.  it is amazing to me how different a set of twins can be.  my mom hearts the NRA and has a conceal/carry gun permit and sees all world events through the “Revelation” filter.  her twin sister hates guns and thinks Hillary is the messiah.  what is the funniest part to me though is that Kristen and I have some of the strongest opinions in the family, and we are the only two who don’t want to discuss politics.  we both understand that no one is going to change thier minds, so why argue about it. but one thing that was weird was when my mom and her twin moved simultaneously though on opposite sides of the room to sit next to the same person and ask the same question.

all in all it was a good evening.  babies got passed around to everyone, cooper didn’t scream his little head off, charlotte only spit up on jamie, and wilson was actually awake for a few minutes.

oh, speaking of charlotte … she got melissa.  we were at aunt jemimah’s house and melissa was holding charlotte when charlotte blew out her diaper and totally sprayed poo all over melissa’s pants.  embarassing, but hilarious at the same time.  i think i will make a running list of all the people that charlotte has pooped on, and then bring that list out when she brings a date over to the house.

so that was our evening.  quite a success by most standards.


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