Charlotte will be 7 weeks old on Wednesday. Can you beweave it? Its gone by fast, but at the same time its like she’s always been here (though I can still remember those sleep-full nights).  And while I think I’m pretty typical of a first-time mom, there are some things that I am willing to do that I have found not all moms are.  Sure, I still go in to check on her when things get too quiet (honestly, to make sure she’s still breathing and just to watch her sleep), and I “break the rules” and hold her before the “15 minutes” is up sometimes.  But the thing I do that I have heard some moms gawk at is that I leave her in the church nursery.  I started leaving her in there when she was 4 weeks old.  “I could never do that” is the phrase I hear when people see me baby-less at church and ask where she is.  Since I usually don’t have time to give everyone my dissertation on why I feel justified in doing this, I’m going to do it here…

It simply boils down to this… trust.  Maybe its because I was on staff for several years, because I know Jody and I know his heart for our Children’s Ministry, or maybe I’m just a trusting person (… yeah, right).  But I trust our Children’s Ministry.  The Children’s Ministry Directors (past and present) have done an incredible job of making the weekend services far more than just “baby sitting” and “child care”.  Our children actually learn and grow in their classes.  “How can an infant learn and grow in the nursery?” you may ask … well, until she’s old enough to sit up in a chair for snack and lesson time, she is still learning social skills and is absorbing everything she sees and hears.  In the other classes, the kids get for-real lessons about God, His love, and His plan for their lives.  And we aren’t talking flannel-graphs here. From 2 years old and up, they have praise & worship, tithes & offerings, and teaching mixed in with awesome play time!  And besides all that, I leave her in the nursery for me…

Any of you who have ever sat around a baby or young child in a church service knows that you don’t fully pay attention to the service.  How can you? They are just too stinkin’ cute! And if you are the parent of said child, you are totally distracted by trying to keep them occupied as they wiggle and coo.  For me, I enjoy my service time too much and NEED it too much to waste my time distracting myself and everyone around me by keeping Charlotte with me when there is such a GREAT alternative.  And on top of that, Charlotte, no matter what age, until she is a teenager, isn’t getting ANYTHING out of the service.  Sure, she could bounce up and down and clap her hands to the music, but the service and message is geared towards adults. She is learning nothing. The Children’s Ministry Classes are designed specifically for the age they minister to, and the lessons are taught in a way that the children can actually understand and learn.  You wouldn’t put a 3 year old in an Algebra class, so why would you do the same thing with spiritual teaching?

One thing I have heard before is that some parents don’t know the children’s workers and therefore don’t feel comfortable leaving thier child with them.  That’s a valid point. But there is a remedy.  Join the Children’s Ministry.  Serve one service and attend another.  Someone else is watching your kid, why not take the time to be that same blessing to another parent. Then you’ll get to know not only the people you serve with, you’ll begin to understand the excellence and heart of the Children’s Ministry.  You’ll learn that EVERYONE is background checked for our children’s safety, the class time is not just “baby sitting”, and the children are actually learning honest-to-goodness lessons about God. I know, there are some of you who actually physically cannot serve in the Children’s Ministry because you faithfully serve in another ministry.  Usually, in that case, those people do leave thier kids in their classes because they have seen the integrity and excellence that all of Living Word operates in and therefore know the same applies to the kids classes.  Up until the final weeks of my pregnancy, I was serving in the Toddler’s Classroom on Wednesday nights.  And now that I’ve been cleared by my doctor to “resume normal activities”, I will be joining a team again (haven’t decided which one … probably whatever class needs another volunteer).  I even served during DBTW for one or two services.  I don’t say that to blow my own horn so you’ll think I’m so great, I say that to show you that I’m not just talking, I’m doing this too.  It can be done. And you’ll be a better person for it … I promise!


4 thoughts on “trust

  1. I left Keylan in there when he was that age also. I totally agree!! The children’s ministry workers are great and it is definately hard to pay attention to the service when the babies are soo cute and you just want to be loving on them!!!

  2. Wow Jen! What a great blog. As a team leader in nursery myself, it is such an honor and blessing to watch Charlotte while you and Jamie attend service to really be able to receive the WORD. I totally respect other moms as well for their opinions and I know Kayla is almost 16 but I remember trusting her for the 1st time with someone else at 6 weeks old and
    it was hard. Jamie you are such a lucky man to have such a wonderful wife and mother for your beautiful little angel.

  3. This is such great advise to those parents who feel that way. Toddlers 2 is so amazing and I love to see them grow and be little fighters for Christ. Not only that but we need desperatly to get more adults involved.

  4. Well said, Jenn. And thank you for that completely unsolicited endorsement of the Children’s Ministry at LWFC. It is, in my opinion, one of the finest ministries to not only children, but to their parents and the teams who serve, on the planet! Thanks for being a partner in the ministry and entrusting us to assist in the spiritual growth and development of your precious gift from God.

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