enough with the chit-chat, get to the pictures!

i was looking through my phone and realized that i have so many pictures that i haven’t shared with you. and my baby girl is just waaay too cute to not share! so today there’s nothing deep, nothing thought provoking, just some sugary-sweet cuteness!

She’s so asleep she doesn’t even wake up to burp!

Yes, she rolled off the Boppy pillow and face planted onto my tummy… without waking up!

I wonder if she’s dreaming of singing in an Opera?!

Why did Grandma buy this and why did Mom make me wear it?!

And why are you TAKING PICTURES??!!!

Is it just me or does this seriously look like a piglet??

I can’t tell is she’s hiding from the lights and cameras, or if she’s embarassed to be seen with us…

There’s no better place in the world!


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