early lessons

i don’t know why, but sometimes i think that charlotte is bored.  but she’s only 7 weeks old, how much can she really do? i feed her, then we “play” which consists of reading books, singing songs, swinging in the swing, going for a walk, or watching some kind of video, and then when she starts to show signs of being tired, i put her down for her nappie time until her next feeding.  but sometimes i get the feeling she is bored … what more can a 7 week old do??

as i have contemplated what to do with charlotte, i have begun to think very much about what she will become.  what will i teach her that she will use later in life? what will she learn that will do her a disservice later in life? in bookclub this morning, pastor connie talked about something she learned as a mom.  when she first got saved she rid herself of all things that were not “God” stuff, and then when she had children she continued that by not letting them do, hear, or watch anything that “didn’t have Jesus written all over it” (her words).  but as kids do, they found ways to do, hear, and watch the “worldly” things anyway.  but the thing she learned from all of that was that, no matter what, our kids are going to be exposed to the ways and things of this world … they have to, they live on the same planet. the deciding factor, however, of how they process those ways and things is whether or not you are there to guide them.  when they hear that song on the radio, will you be there to help them learn how to decipher what is good and what is bad in that song? truth can be seen and heard in many things, even when it is interwoven with many lies.  will my child know how to keep the baby while throwing out the bath water?

and when i was growing up (at what point are you ever really done “growing up”?), what things did i learn from the world around me that didn’t make sense (like the stupid desire to be cool and please the in-crowd)?  and how do i NOT pass that along to her?  i read this great blog today about that very thing.

so with all that, i am pondering the question … what can i should i be teaching my 7 week old infant?


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