today i had an epiphany. you know, one of those moments where it all just suddenly seems to make sense. let me explain… (like you thought i wouldn’t … haha)

today as i was contemplating the piles of dishes and heaps of laundry and dirty floors i’ve been avoiding, i was talking with someone whose screen name was something to the effect of “live today as if it were your last”.  that got me thinking – sure, i’ve heard that phrase before, and i’ve certainly heard tim mcgraws song endlessly about that subject (if i hear it again i’ll scream! i dont care that you went sky diving and rocky mountain climbing).  but what does that phrase really mean?  what would i do if today were my very last day on earth.  …

i’m not sure. but i’ll tell you what i WOULDN’T be doing – dishes, laundry, and cleaning.  if today were my very last day of life on this earth, you can bet all the money in the bank that i would not be washing a single dish or laundering a single article of clothing.  the dirty dishes, laundry, and messy floors would be there tomorrow for someone else to take care of.

so while i can’t actually live today like it was my very last day on earth, i suddenly felt a little more free…


2 thoughts on “epiphany

  1. trully inspiring, really….I don’t know if I had really ever thought of it that way! I just knew I thought it would be something very special that hopefully included those I love so much
    g.aunt Laura

  2. this is very interesting, two weeks ago, I had an epiphany about my life, but it was MUCH different—I realized that I was wasting my life, and wanted to get started immediately making plans to do what I wanted and needed!
    g. aunt Laura

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