so much better than pie

tonight was the first night of the Latin Dance Connect Group (how much do i heart my church??).  it was so much fun. if you weren’t there, you totally missed out! we learned the basic steps to the merengue (not meringue).  next week we learn partner work, then move on to salsa, mambo, bachata, and then we have a “social” on the last night to show our stuff!  hehe, too fun.  and let me tell you … it is a work out! i was sweatin’ like a crazy woman by the end of it. and my calves were burning!  dyana was wearing heels … she’s my hero!  i can’t wait until i can actually do a full dance!  who knows, maybe we’ll all shake our groove thang at the christmas banquet!!


One thought on “so much better than pie

  1. It sounds like you had a blast. I probably would enjoy that class too. Maybe when Timmy gets older and will actually take a bottle I can consider taking a class like that?! It would probably be good exercise for me too. Maybe help shed some of those extra pounds?!

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