full circle

When I first started this blog … well, when I first got serious about actually posting, I was in Florida on vacation.  And now I’m getting ready to head back to Florida for another vacation.  So things seemed to have come full circle. However this trip will be very different than the previous one.

Last time I went to Orlando with Jamie. We stayed in the Hilton overlooking Sea World.  Ihis time I’m going with my mom and Charlotte and we’ll be staying at a condo at the Plantation Beach Club in Stuart FL.  Very different. 

So my task for the day is to figure out what I need to take with me so that I’m prepared for 10 days away from home with an 8 week old, but all that stuff has to fit inside my mom’s Buick.  This should be interesting. I’ll keep you posted! 


2 thoughts on “full circle

  1. When I was on maternity leave, me and Keylan flew to PA. It was quite the experience!!! Plus I think I packed his entire wardrobe, just in case! 🙂 I hope you guys have a great time!

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