how much stuff do two girls need?

i think i’m packed.  well, minus the morning essentials, of course (no one wants to travel with funky teeth!).  but really, how much stuff do two girls need? and the one who is under 10lbs has the most bags!  you’d think the smaller you were, the less you would need.  NOPE.  i’m excited about taking Charlotte to Florida, but i’m so gonna miss Jamie.  we originally planned this trip for when he was going to be in Chicago at a conference, but his trip was cancelled.  and i know he is going to miss Charlotte like mad!  but we’ll be back soon … and hopefully one of us will be tanner!  i never got a chance to work on my pasty-paleness this summer because of the whole being 10 months pregnant and all! so it should be a good time!  we’ll keep you posted!

and this doesn’t include the stroller, car seat, swing, and video camera bag!


2 thoughts on “how much stuff do two girls need?

  1. I actually expected there to be more bags…you must be an amazing packer! There is just so much you need for a baby on a trip. Hopefully you will be driving and not flying since they have a bag limitation now. I hope you and Charlotte have a great trip. Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back!

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