Florida – Day 1 (that was really 3)

Here we be! It took 2 full days to travel down here.  We weren’t really rushing, which was good because we couldn’t rush.  Charlotte needed to be fed every 3 hours which made for an hour long stop each feeding, and then occassionaly between feedings she would get uncomfortable and need to be taken out of her car seat to stretch out.  And on top of that was the diaper changes.  (Tabitha, I have mastered the in-the-lap diaper change).  So, 2 days, 4 poopie diapers, and way too much fast food later … here we be!

Today’s plan —- NOTHING.  Aaah, this is gonna be nice!

ready for the trip!

you’re always a wiener at pedro’s!

moonlight on the ocean

morning nap time with a view!

naptime in the sun … shaded sun… sort of

it’s going to be a beautiful day!


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