Dang It’s Hot!

News Flash – Florida is stinkin’ hot! Our condo is beach front, so I thought I’d beat the heat and get out there this morning at 9:30am … but the heat met me there.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the sun rises on this beach, so the heat had a 3 hour head start!  Whatever. So I only lasted a few minutes, just enough time to get some pictures.  I’m gonna try again later, after the sun goes down farther on the other side of the building, and get some video.

While I was on the beach (for the whole 5 minutes), there was a man walking down the beach. That’s remarkable, I know. But this man was special.  He had an old faded baseball hat, a foot-long white beard, leathery tan skin and … a speedo.  *Shudder*  I wish I had thought to get a picture of him … but my mommie instincts kicked in and I stepped in front of Charlotte laying on her towel and got ready to claw is ugly eyes out if he came near us. But he didn’t. He stopped right in front of us, turned around, and started walking back the other direction.

But I did manage to get these pictures…

While we are here, Charlotte has gotten spoiled. Not by me, mind you, but by Grandmother!  So right now, as I sit comfortably in my chair talking with you, Grandmother is bouncing around the room reaping the rewards of her spoiling.  Hehe. I find it funny.  Haha, she just decided to put Charlotte down and let her cry it out … I’m not gonna say “I told you so” … but I told you so.  So I better go, lunch time is quickly approaching.

Sending you all much love from Florida…

Before i could hit spell-check and send, Grandmother broke down and picked up Charlotte.  She didn’t even last 2 minutes.


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