the thing i like about vacation is that you can sleep at any time during the day without feeling guilty!  while i’m at home, if i take a nap, no matter how VITAL it is, i feel kinda guilty.  there are dishes to be washed, clothes to be folded, always something to be done.  but while you are on vacation… nothing matters.  and what makes it better is that my mom is on vacation with me … which means she is the one who is doing the dishes and washing the clothes.  she even has charlotte in her arms or is at least entertaining her at every moment that i’m not feeding her!  i have pretty much planted myself in this chair and have stayed there most of this vacation.

i’ve either played online, read a book, watched tv, or fed charlotte.  that’s pretty much it.  its nice. and speaking of nice, here’s a picture of charlotte taking a nice little nappie while we were out on the pool deck today.


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