the war begins again…

The last time I was in Florida, I had a little battle with the weather, and it seems we are at war again! It has been sunny and hot the whole time we were here.  So yesterday when it had cooled down a bit, I decided to go down to the pool and get some sun.  I got down there, settled in, opened my book and begun to read.  I was there no more than 20 minutes when the clouds came rolling in.  Stupid clouds.  There was no point in sitting out there if there was no sun, so I came back up to the room.  On top of all that, I woke up this morning with 5 mosquito bites.  Seriously? Was that necessary?

Charlotte had a little bout of tummy issues, but things seem to have blown over. I think she just got out of whack from 2 days of travelling.  Gotta go see Dr. Harris when we get back 🙂

Well, tomorrow we leave to go see Charlotte’s Gee-Gee Tobler in DeLand FL, then its on back to NC.  It’s been fun, but I’m def ready to be home. I miss Jamie, and I know he misses us.  We talked last night over web-cam.  It’ll be good to be home.  I probably won’t blog again until we get home … no internet on the road! So I’ll leave you with this sunrise view from our balcony …


3 thoughts on “the war begins again…

  1. What a great picture. Glad you are having fun. I don’t even want to think about taking that kind of trip with Timmy right now. You are brave to take a long trip like that with a little one. You Go Girl!!!

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