Come Back, Come Back!!!

I saw my blog stats when I logged on …. sad. I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, please forgive me. And please come back!! Jamie and I have a running competition for the most daily blog hits … I need to keep my championship belt!

Well I’m back from Florida. That was … uh … an experience.  It was fun in most ways, but I have learned that 4 days in a car makes a 2 month old not so happy.  I won’t be doing that again.  Its a good thing we have a good chiropractor because those car seats really mess up a kids back!  But we all back, healthy and whole (thanks Dr Joe!).  Here are some highlights from the trip:

  • 4 days sitting in a car
  • Changed 5 poopie diapers in the car (and countless wet ones!)
  • 2 major ‘diaper malfunctions’ (thank God for OxiClean!)
  • Saw a Dolphin
  • Saw a Bald Eagle (not even joking!)
  • Saw a huge Buck
  • Saw an old man in a speedo
  • Charlotte saw her first rainbow
  • Charlotte saw the beach/ocean for the first time
  • I read a whole book (which was incredible, by the way. check out What I’m Reading)
  • Charlotte started babbling
  • Charlotte visited South Of The Border for the first time, and the second time
  • Charlotte met her Gee-Gee Tobler and Great Aunt Laura and Great Uncle Steve

I was really glad that we were able to drive over to see Mrs Tobler, Aunt Laura, and Uncle Steve (Jamie’s grandmother, aunt, and uncle) in DeLand.  Charlotte is the first Great Grandchild in the Tobler family.  I’ll post more about that when I get the pictures uploaded.

Well, its great to be back.  I really started to miss my husband, my home, and my own bed! Now that I’m home, I’ll get back to posting regularly … I promise!


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