family matters

The past two weeks have been kinda crazy.  Charlotte and I are exhausted (a little cranky), and in need of some serious down time!  But the past two weeks have been full of introducing Charlotte to new family members.  Check it out …

Gee-Gee Tobler.  This is Jamie’s dad’s mom.  She lives in DeLand, Florida.  I don’t know why I didn’t get a picture of Uncle Steve or Aunt Laura!

Auntie Erin.  Okay, so Charlotte didn’t just meet her, but I finally got a great picture of them together! … Can you see the resemblence?

Uncle Snotface … AKA Uncle Sean.  The only pictures I got of them when she was first born only show the back of his head, so I finally got a picture of his face. He’s so funny with her, he’ll hold her long enough for a picture, then he hands her back.  He can’t wait for her to start talking and running… then the games really begin!

Grandpa Richard.  This is my birth father, for those of you who have never met him.  He lives in Birmingham, AL and had driven up just to see her.

Top row: Me & Charlotte, Erin, Sean, Jill.  Sitting: Jeanne, Dad, Mom, Aunt Christine.  I can’t remember a time when my mom and dad were sitting next to each other for a picture!  Oh, and that’s my mom’s identical twin sitting next to her.

Oops, I think the flash was a little bright!  But you can really see her blue eyes!


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