in the end

At the ripe-ole age of 24, I’m just now coming out of the psychological stage where one believes they are invincible.  This stage is seen really well in teenagers and young adults as they do stupid things and think that they won’t get hurt.  Sure, I understand that actions have consequences, but I’m just now beginning to realize that I won’t be living forever.  Though it is still a looooooong way off and I have no idea where I’ll be at that stage in my life, I do know one thing.  When I die, Jamie will be by my side.  You may be thinking, “Gosh Jenn, that’s so random. What made you think about that?”.  This is what got me thinking …

This song is so beautiful.  In the end, with your last breath, with your last thoughts, where will you be?  Alone?  Or in the arms of the one person that you love more than anything and who loves you the same? We can accomplish amazing and incredible things in our life time, but in the end, nothing matters except the love that you have given.   No matter what has happened in my life, no matter what is going to happen, one thing will remain … I will always love Jamie and I will always be by his side.  Aww, that makes me wanna go squeeze him…


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