while you were out

Jamie is home 🙂  Its always nice to have the whole family back home.  And as much as I don’t like him being gone, there is one positive thing about his absense.  A couple of times when Jamie has left for a couple of days, I take the opportunity to surprise him with a room make over.  I’m kinda like my own personal HGTV. The first time was painting our bedroom tan & chocolate brown with the stripe pattern from our bedding painted on the wall.

 Well, this time it was the movie room’s turn.

When we first moved into the house, that room had been the previous owners nursery.  So it had this mural around the whole room… sand, sea grass, blue sky and so many happy little clouds.  As soon as we signed the papers and got the keys to the house, I went to Lowes and bought some paint to cover over the mural.  I chose a minty green b/c it was going to be Jamie’s office and I wanted it to look modern and match some of the chrome/glass stuff I had from college.  So it worked well for a long time, until Jamie got an office at the church and that room converted to the movie & Wii room.  We got a really neat chinese two-panel peice of art from my grandparents house that has fighting chickens.  They weren’t too fond of the mint green.  So I decided it needed to be changed.  What do you think….



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