the queen on her throne

I think that there are challenges and advantages to each stage of childhood.  Right now the challenge is that she is so small and helpless that everything must be done for her and she can’t use words yet to tell you what she wants.  But one nice thing about this stage is that Charlotte is almost completely immobile!  You can put her in one place and she, for the most part, stays there.  Yesterday while getting ready to leave the house, I put Charlotte on our bed sitting in her Boppy pillow. She looked like a queen on her throne.

She held her rattle and talked to the ceiling fan.  At one point Jamie asked, “What do we do when she’s able to walk and crawl around? How will we get ready?”.  … I dont know, can you tie them to something?  (haha, I’m just kidding!).  But I guess we’ll figure it out when we get there.  For now, I’m enjoying holding her without her saying “down, down”.  She’s completely content to lay in my arms for endless amounts of time.  I really do have the greatest kid ever.


2 thoughts on “the queen on her throne

  1. Timmy is rolling over now so we can’t leave him like that anymore. He’s learning to scoot too. He doesn’t scoot a whole lot but he’s learning. Be sure to get a exersaucer because that will be a great place to put her when you need to get ready or something. Once she really gets mobile, like my sisters son Tristan is, then get a gate for her room and make it baby proof and let her play in her room while you get ready. And, of course, there is always the good old stand by play pin that you can put her in. She won’t go no where in that. My sister can put Tristan in his and he goes no where.
    Anyhow, those are just some things to consider because I’ve been thinking about the same thing recently. Right now I can put him in his bouncer while I get ready and he does pretty good with that. Here lately though, Scot and I have been taking turns getting ready while one of us watches Timmy simply because he is becoming more and more active.
    As you can tell our really fun days are ahead of us, ha-ha!

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