big discoveries

In the past few days, Charlotte has made some really big discoveries … hands & feet!! She’s been able to get her hand to her mouth since she was born, but it was always like, “oh hey look at that, those things just hit my mouth, I think I’ll chew on them”.  In the past few weeks she has been deliberately putting them in her mouth, and has actually started to prefer her hands to a pacifier.  But she has now found a new game: grabbing her fingers.  She will sit in her car seat, or her swing, or on the floor and put her hands together and pull her hands apart, then she’ll bring them both to her mouth, pull them out, and start all over.  The look on her face during this game shows that it takes some very serious contemplation and concentration.  It is too cute!

On Monday we noticed that she was leaning forward to look at her feet, then she was trying to reach for them.  She had some cute little shoes on, so I think she was going more for the shoe not realizing that her foot was inside.  But since then she’s been noticing her feet. And this morning I’ve watched her look at them and bang them together.  Its amazing, on many levels.  Its amazing that she’s growing so fast and developing so much.  But its also amazing to me that she didn’t know she had hands and feet before, thats just such an foreign concept to me.

Well, I gotta go, her birdies stopped singing, so I gotta go restart them 🙂


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