i’ve informed myself.

So, I’ve done some more research and I have def. decided who I’m voting for.  It has nothing to do with policy, plans, speeches, or personality.  It all has to do with character.  We should have a President who surrounds himself with people of integrity, people of morals, people who don’t bomb buildings and kill their fellow countrymen.  It doesn’t matter how “good” the candidates speeches sound, how appealing thier “promises” are, if they themselves are not a person of good character, then thier words don’t matter.  They can say whatever they think the people want to hear, then turn around and actually do something different without a second thought.

Granted, I don’t particularly care for McCain and I wish I had another choice.  But Barrak Obama poses way too much of a threat to America.  His choice of bedfellow makes that abundantly clear.  I just wish the general American population could see that…


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