my super amazing family

Where to begin to describe just how awesome this little family is?  Jamie and I were talking the other night, discussing some challenges we were facing, and he said something that really made me stop and think.  He said (I’m paraphrasing), “Things aren’t going to be perfect.  We didn’t have the greatest example.  Both our parents are divorced. So we are left to figure things out on our own.”  We’ve had some awesome non-family examples to follow to build a strong family, and we are super-duper grateful for them.  But the family that you grow up in is the one that shapes your “scripts” of how things should be.  So, sure, Jamie and I aren’t perfect, we aren’t perfect parents, and we are still figuring out this marriage thing… but in spite of the challenges we’ve had to overcome, our family is pretty great. There’s always room for improvement (usually mostly on my end of things!!), but I wouldn’t change anything about Jamie, our relationship, our daughter, or our life.  Its just right. The saying is true, there’s no place like home.


4 thoughts on “my super amazing family

  1. You and Jamie will figure it all out. You both are wonderful people with so much love for each other and the people around you. You both started out the way you both felt it should be and you will do it together the way you see fit. Yes it is true we are shaped by our experiences however you have the choice to make it your own family and I have faith you two have what it takes to make a wonderful family for your wonderful little girl. May I add beautiful family. Work together, love one another and always show your love to each other daily not only by words but the little things you do for each other. I believe in you both

  2. You know what. I understand exactly what you mean. Hey my parents weren’t even ever married and my in laws are divorced. more so, why i believe I can do it. I believe I break the curse and make this beautiful thing a lifetime the way God intended it to be. Besides when you speak to people who’ve been married for over 50 years you realize everyone struggles. But, having been through so much in my almost 5 years of marriage I can lay down at night and realize I really love my husband and no one can ever replace that. Also, as my kids grow up I want to be able to only compare them to him. You can only tell your husband (their father) uggh, bella eats like you it’s gross how she gobbles all her food. lol. It’s silly but she gets that from him lol good or bad. You cant compare that to a total stranger. Anyway, this blog touched me. I HEAR you loud and clear.

  3. Jenn, a good set of examples would be your grandparents. Both sets have been married over 50 years each and still love each other to the point of relying on the other for strength, support and love. I can only really speak for my side of the family, but I believe they got this from their parents and a God fearing faith that they chose the right partner and made it work. I made the bad choice of leaving the family and I truly apologize again for that act. But I know that both your Mother and I love you, Jamie and Charlotte and care deeply that you love AND cherish each other the way our parents have shown us. I pray that God will bless your marriage and family forever.

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