Wednesday Pictures and Notes

Flowers in Charlotte’s nursery.

Afternoon playtime. She actually reached out and grabbed her rattle!

It’s hard to say who fell asleep first!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

  • Fed Charlotte at 7am, normal start to a normal day!
  • Charlotte played on the floor and I put away laundry
  • Morning nap time while I got showered and dressed
  • Load up and head to church for Book Club
  • Had some super yummy pumpkin bread while discussing Redeeming Love
  • Fed Charlotte at 11am in the nursery @ church
  • Ate lunch at Spinners Grill with Dawn Boyd, Charlotte had a fantastic poopie diaper
  • Went grocery shopping
  • Charlotte had afternoon nap at home while I cleaned up her room
  • Fed Charlotte at 3pm while watching the first part of the new episode of Fringe
  • Afternoon playtime in the living room, I took 8billion pictures and 2 videos!
  • Late afternoon nap for Charlotte, while I made dinner (mmm, beans & rice!)
  • Dinner with Jamie while watching the end of the Fringe episode
  • Load ’em up and move ’em out for Wednesday night Bible Study @ church
  • Fed Charlotte at church and she played in the nursery while I learned about being “A Wife by God’s Design”
  • Got gas ($3.39!), came home, Charlotte fell asleep half way through her “top off the tank before the long night” feeding.
  • She was in bed by 9:30pm … we’ll see what time she wakes up in the am!!
  • Jamie finished up the night with a game of Mortal Kombat on the Wii, while I renamed pictures (I hate those DSC0093253 names!).

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Pictures and Notes

  1. Doesn’t it feel like everything revolves around the baby. You shower when she’s quiet and or sleeping. you eat when things are settled. Lets not talk about when you can actually go to the bathroom lol. But, at the end of the day it’s soo beautiful and worth it even if youre tired.

    Btw i love the flowers! they are beautiful!

  2. re: Got Gas ($3.39!)

    It is now 3.29(regular) here in Cary, I’m one of those people that I don’t get gas until I need it, well I needed it the other day and had to pay 3.79 (3.59 for regular, my car requires the expensive stuff) maybe more, and the very next day the price dropped 10-15 cents. I still have only just used a quarter of a tank, but it will be nice for those prices to stay down. I have also heard that in Fuquay the prices are below $3.

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