Thursday Pictures & Notes

Talk about a knuckle sandwich!

Load number 3

I don’t like that song, Daddy!

  • Charlotte woke up at 5:30am … I broke down and gave her a pacifier and she went back to sleep
  • We both woke up at 7am for Charlotte’s breakfast. (She had a gas bubble come up while she was eating but was too much of a little piggy to stop and burp, so instead the milk came out her nose while she continued to eat!)
  • Played in the living room then napped in the swing while I did my blog stalking.
  • 11am was lunch for Charlotte, more playtime in the living room, then naps in her room.
  • I cleaned up the house and ate some cereal… yummy.
  • Beth brought dinner by at 1pm (ooh, those apple dumplings may not last until dinner time!)
  • Worked on Week In The Life scrapbook, got cover done and started on first page
  • Fed Charlotte at 3pm, played some more, then loaded up to go into town
  • Met Jamie at church at 5:30, went to Cynthia’s house. We were going to go to the fair, but decided $16 was too much to spend to just stay an hour, so we’ll wait and go Monday probably.
  • Fed Charlotte, ate the dinner that Beth brought… oh so good!  Watched tv and took pictures.
  • Came home, fed Charlotte one more time and put her to bed… then I crashed I was so tired!
  • PS- Happy 3 month Birthday, Charlotte! My how you’ve grown!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Pictures & Notes

  1. I cant get over how adorable she is. You make pretty babies!!! Elephant rides??? Thats sounds like tons of fun…..haha no pun intended…. I guess I’ll get in on that action next year. Hey let us know when you go and we might be able to meet up for a few. we dont know when we are going yet.

  2. The picture of her sucking on your knuckle is so cute. Just wait until she can really bite down on it. That’s what Timmy is doing now. He’s got a pretty strong bite for a kid with no teeth, ha-ha!

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