sorry about that…

Sorry i didn’t get to post yesterday!  We had an “interesting” day.  Charlotte woke up at 5:30am, we did the “mommy breaks down and gives her a pacifier because mommy is tired and doesn’t want to wake up yet and so if she could just get a little more sleep then we’d all be okay so we’ll go ahead and break our rules and give her a pacifier to stay asleep” routine and woke up for real at 7am.  Then it was off to the races to get ready and get to the church by 9am.  Pastor Connie did a fast track of her Leading Ladies training.  It was really good.  If you weren’t there… you totally missed it. So that lasted until 4pm.  But in between that was a feeding, and here is where things get interesting. Charlotte has always been a good eater, very routine and predictable.  She feeds for 15 minutes, burps, then 15 minutes and burps.  Well at the late morning feeding she ate for 15 minutes, spewed it all up, then wouldn’t start her next 15 minutes.  Anytime I would lay her down, she would absolutely scream.  She was calm when held up on my shoulder, so I decided to get myself some lunch and try to finish later.  I got lunch and gave her some gas drops in case thats what it was, and when I was done eating, we tried again.  Well, she finally did eat, but it took forever becuase she kept stopping to scream.  So then I went back to class, Charlotte played and napped on the floor.  Then when class was over, it was time to feed her again.  This time she wouldn’t even start the first 15 minutes. Everytime I would lay her back to start feeding, she’d scream.  I tried for about 20 minutes before I gave up.  I called my mom (because she knows everything) and she told me to give her some more gas drops and just rock with her until she shows signs of being hungry.  So I left her in the nursery with instructions to call me if needed and went into Saturday night service.  When service was over I went to pick her up and she was crying (they had just changed her diaper = she was laying flat).  She calmed down … until I put her in her car seat. Then she screamed the whole way home.  I tried to feed her, with the same results.  She was quiet if I walked around with her, but if I sat down the screaming started up again.  I couldn’t take much more so I called Jamie in tears and asked him to come home (he was in a meeting).  He got home and took over the pacing while I sat down to try and figure out what to do.  She hadn’t eaten, really eaten, in 8 hours so I knew that was a top priority.  I thought maybe if I could sit her up maybe she would take a bottle, since she wouldn’t be laying down.  So I got an ounce into a bottle (didn’t want to waste any more if she didn’t take it), Jamie gave it to her and she practically inhaled it.  So I took her back and she finished a full 30 minute feeding very happily.  Then she burped and went right to sleep and slept until 7am this morning without waking up once.

So my theory is this … she was so stinkin exhausted from not getting a for real nap during the day that she just couldn’t handle it and her tummy was all screwed up from it and so she couldn’t relax enough to actually eat.  The walking helped her relax (and having Daddy there also helps!), and so then she was able to calm down enough to eat.

Well, this morning she’s as happy as she usually is, she’s laughing and cooing at the birds on her swing and pulling on the yellow turtle rattle thats attached to the swing.  All’s well that ends well, right?  I promise to post more pictures and such tomorrow.  TTYL!


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