ER breaks my heart

Like so many in my generation, some of the defining and memorable moments of my life have been associated with television.  Dawsons Creek made me realize that teenage drama is lame.  M*A*S*H taught me that good friends never go away, they can live forever in re-runs.  Star Trek taught me that many people are petty and “too cool” to admit the things they love (be honest, you know you love Star Trek, especially TNG!).  The Care Bears showed me that when you all get together, you can stare down any enemy.  The Pretender taught me that I can be anything I want to be, especially if I am motivated by bringing down an evil company that exploits children.  Lost showed me that you cannot judge people too quickly, and calling a group of people The Others is just not nice.  And then there is ER.

I love this show. I hate this show.  Its like when you bite the inside of your cheek and it hurts like a monkey, but you just keep licking it.  I used to watch ER religiously with my parents growing up.  But after Dr. Green died, I quit.  The last scene of his letter pinned to the bulletin board and flying away in the wind … still chokes me up.  Its just not right to mess with a young girls heart that way.  Dr. Green was a great man, a great doctor, and the stupid writers of that show had to give the man a brain tumor. How wrong is that? But I got over that heartbreak.  Or so I thought.

I was surfing today looking for something to occupy some time, and I saw that they had new episodes of ER, so I thought I’d check it out.  They had last season’s finale and all the new episodes of this season.  So I watched the finale, which ended with an ambulance exploding and the cliffhanger of not knowing which Dr’s life was in peril… which meant I had to watch the premier.  And then the evil writers of ER did it to me again.  They killed him. Without warning, without reason, they killed him.  I never really liked him, but it was still wrong of them to kill them. (Who’s “him”, you ask?  I don’t want to spoil it for you!)  So here I sit, with the wounds of my heart ripped back open, tears running down my cheeks, and pouring my hurt out to you, dear readers.  I hate ER.

Thanks for letting me get that out. It helps…

**UPDATE:  I thought that since they already killed one person this season, that things could only get better, so I watched the newest episode of the season.  I was wrong.  I seriously think they are trying to get rid of the entire cast this season.  At least she didn’t die … but watching her drive away was still tough.  Sigh. Will I ever learn?


3 thoughts on “ER breaks my heart

  1. I totally understand about ER. I also stopped watching around the time that Dr. Green left the show. It took me forever to get past calling him “Goose”. When George Clooney left the show I was also upset. Somewhere in the mix they brought on Kelly Martin and she didn’t last no time and they killed her off when some nut case stabbed her and Carter. That show has had a lot of upsetting moments that’s why I gave up on watching it. You get used to a character and get to liking them then they’re gone. What’s up with that?!

    Btw, I love the picture that you posted at the end of all that. She sure wasn’t happy there.

  2. TNG was good, but as far as I’m concerned enterprise was the best Star Trek. I agree about Dawson’s Creek, never really watched M*A*S*H, I wasn’t allowed to watch Care Bears, never watched pretender, never watched ER. BTW, you’re probably right that they are trying to get rid of the entire cast this season, its the last season.

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