my name means what?

I think the meaning of names is very important.  Everytime you speak to a person and call them by name, you are confessing over them whatever thier name means.  Charlotte Elizabeth = Warrior Princess.  For giggles I looked up my name. I knew that Jennifer was Gaelic for White Wave, but I found out something interesting.  Jennifer is actually an English version of Gwynhywfar which is Welsh for “Fair Phantom” … white ghost. And my middle name is Lynn which means “from the lake”.  So my name means “White Ghost From The Lake”.  That’s just weird.  So my name would make me sound like one of those creepy old ladies that hang out by thmeselves at lakes and come out at night to scare people.  Thats sad.  I should change my name. I don’t know what I’d change it too though … and besides, I probably wouldn’t answer to it anyway. Oh well. So what does your name mean?


9 thoughts on “my name means what?

  1. I checked out the meaning of my name. Lisa means “God is my oath” and my middle name Lorraine (didn’t make much since) means “from Lorraine, France”. Those don’t blend at all. At least yours went together and made some since?!

  2. oh wow that’s interesting. Actually my name is the name of a flower. But I picked my kids names according to their meaning. I think it’s important as well. However recently I found out what my nickname meant and I was soo disappointed that I was called that for so many years. Family members and some close friends call me Mimi. But, it means rebellious, unsatisfied (wanting). I think its horrible that thats what I was called.

  3. My first name has a good meaning it means Sunrise but I am sure everyone already knew that one LOL. My middle name however means sea of bitterness. Not such a great meaning. I don’t think my mom took the meaning of the names into consideration when she named me. I am going to reserch before I name my child.

  4. ugh – moon goddess (Cynthia) who is gracious and merciful (Anne) 😦 I guess I could look at it that the moon reflects the sun’s (Son’s) light?? and leave out the goddess part

  5. So you came from some kind of M. Night Shamylan movie? How cool is that?!

    Flea is a parasite. But since my real name’s Felicia, I guess I’ll go with that. It means happiness. I love it.

  6. I am mad at this! Keely means “beautiful”… obviously (haha), but Cale means “dog”. Ugh. & the new baby (if it’s a girl), we plan to name Kennedy Reese, which means “ugly head walking”. I am officially a name meaning hater!!

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