i had that dream again

Yeah, you know, that one.  But this time it turned out a little different.  Instead of getting to school and not knowing where to go, I only couldn’t find my locker.  There was a bulletin board that had a list of everyone’s locker number, but next to my name it said “3900 something”.  In the room where the lockers were, there were bajillions of lockers, and all I knew was that mine was “3900 something”. Great. Thanks for that.  But somehow I got to all my classes and knew where everything was.  Strange.

Any thoughts?


3 thoughts on “i had that dream again

  1. OMG!!!!! I totally have had the high school reoccurring dream theme going on there for the LONGEST time….

    I am my age now (30 something) and back in High school I know where my locker is, but I never know what my combination is. the last time I had this dream, I found my combination, it was on a piece of paper on the top of my locker and I haven’t had the dream since.

    The other theme that I had was my teeth were falling out. first one would fall out, then two and three. After my wisdom teeth were pulled out, I haven’t had the dreams since.

    very bizarre…

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