the battle is won … but the war??

I have had a battle the past few days with the smoke detectors in our house.  Well, actually, its been more than a few days. Let me start at the beginning.

One evening many months ago (before I was pregnant, I think), Jamie and I were just laying down to go to sleep, and all the smoke detectors in the house went off.  One started, then they all started shrieking.  So of course we got up and checked the house. We didn’t find/see/smell anything and they stopped on their own, so we thought it was just a weird power surge or something.  So we laid back down … and not 5 minutes later, they did it again.  So we looked again, and decided that the batteries were probably just low and we’d change them tomorrow.  So we turned out the lights again. Five minutes later, the lamp turned on. Jamie laughed and said, “Did you have your quiet time today? I think the Holy Spirit is trying to say something!”

Well, the smoke detectors stopped going off and we forgot about it.  Until last week.  They started doing it again.  AT around 11am, they would go off every 5 minutes for about an hour, then stop.  A few days would go by, and they’d do it again.  So yesterday while I was at the store, I did it. I got new batteries.  I changed them today … and the screaching has stopped.  So we’ll see if that fixed the problem.

**UPDATE: I posted that post at 10:30am.  At 12:42, 12;45, 12:47, and 12:49 the smoke alarms went off again.  Then at 1:00pm a car horn was going off in the neighborhood every 5-10 minutes for the whole hour. What is the deal??

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