i found the song

I’ll always remember the movie “My Girl”.  Vega, the little girl, always sang a song when she was upset.  It was a song that her mother had sang to her, and it comforted her, even though her mother wasn’t there.  I’ve always wanted to have “that song” to sing to my kids, that whenever they heard it, whenever they needed it, it could comfort them.  Before Charlotte was born I was on the hunt for “that song”.  Jo Suo told me to pick a song and always sing it when she was upset to calm her down, then it would stick with her.  He did that with Scarlet.  I wanted one with a good message, one that would remind her of how much I loved her and how special she is to me.  So I had picked “Come What May”.  Yeah, I know, its from the Moulin Rouge sound track, but it has an amazing message.  “Come what may, I will love you, until my dying day.”  When I was pregnant with Charlotte, I would sing that in the car.  But after she was born, that song just didn’t seem to fit.  Its not that I won’t love her forever, its just that the song style didn’t really fit our relationship.  So I’ve been on the hunt.  And I think I have found “the one”.

It is bubbly and fun, like us, its upbeat and happy, and I can actually sing it without sounding too much like a goober.  I may have found the winner.  Do any of you have a special song for your kids?


2 thoughts on “i found the song

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  2. me and tyy sing ‘stand by me’ yeah, the older song that gets really high pitch — i dont know how it ever really came about, especially bc at one point he was really into the ‘you are my sunshine’ song — but he knows all the words to stand by me, and will charm anyone with it in a heartbeat! but, yes. mom & daughter/son songs are very important! 🙂

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