goals and dreams

So the other day, I got nothing done that I planned to do.  But I did get something else done. I didn’t get the house cleaned and I didn’t get any clothes packed up, but I did get my Christmas List started.  No, not the list of gifts I am going to GIVE people, the list of things I WANT from people.  How awful is that?  The Dickson side of my family is doing a name-exchange for Christmas gifts and they want everyone to give 3-5 gifts that they would like so that it makes the gift search easier.  And I hate answering the question from my parents, “so what do you want for Christmas?”.  So I went to target.com and made a Wish List of things for the house, things for me, and things for Charlotte.  Sure, it wasn’t what I set out to do, but it was an accomplishment and something that was on my list of things to do… so maybe it equals out.  I also got 2 loads of laundry done.

On another note, I’ve had some crazy dreams lately.  The other night, Jennifer Spinks was a double agent and we had a showdown in the airport.  Then last night I had a dream that there was a polar bear in my backyard and then a kitten/bunny thing jumped into the pot that was cooking on the stove and then a big cat joined it.  (That one could have come from an episode of Life that Jamie and I watched just before bed where the killer guy had a house full of kittens — creepy).  I think I need to stop eating brownies at night …


4 thoughts on “goals and dreams

  1. I love Life, such a great show. I’v been watching since very first episode last year ,if you havent seen it people, you gotta start watching! so go to hulu and watch it now

  2. Jen – i don’t remember. i’m going to just guess and say that you won!
    Tabitha – that’s not even funny. i would cry.
    Matthew – i agree, its a great show!

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