the big debate

There are so many “hot topics” floating around conversations today.  Who are you going to vote for? Which candidate is the best? What do we do about the economy? What about gay marriage, abortion, immigration, and the war in Iraq?  There are already so many issues that need discussing that I hate to throw a new one in the mix.  But this is one that has been looming at our house for many weeks now, and I wanted to get your input, to see what you guys and gals thought.  So here it goes …

Is there a difference between “spit up” and “throw up” with babies?  I know this is a very controversial discussion, so please keep it civilized.  No mud-slinging, please, just the facts.  I call it “spit up” but Jamie calls it “throw up”.  Which is it?

For an example of what I’m talking about, watch this.


4 thoughts on “the big debate

  1. It’s definitely “spit up”! You are going to have plenty of time for the “throw up” to happen. Being the oldest of 7 I have seen both and there is definitely a difference.

  2. haha. This is great. I’ll have to go with Lisa on this one. There is definitely a difference. Let Jamie know that when Charlotte is like 2 or 3 & you have your first “stomach bug” incident… he too will understand the difference!

  3. “spit” up – once Jamie gets to clean “throw” up out of hair and bed linens when she “throws” up during her sleep, he will see the difference. Just ask my boys – one of their vivid childhood memories.

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