i’ve done my deed

Well, that’s it.  I’ve voted.  I filled in the little bubble with the “special pen provided” (aka- black BIC pen).  My part is done.  Now it’s up to the rest of America to choose.  To avoid really long lines, Jamie and I decided to go after the morning rush. So after I fed Charlotte at 7am, we headed to Cedar Creek Middle School to vote in the gym.  The lines weren’t long (except the “S-T” line to check in. apparently everyone’s last name starts with S-T), but I was still surprised at the number of people there.  There were a lot of stay home moms with thier youngins, and I saw a lot of parents there with their elementary/middle school aged kids.  I thought that was pretty nifty.  I wish when I was that age that my parents had taken me with them to vote, to show me how the process works.  I remember the first time I voted, all those many years ago (haha), I was so nervous because I hadn’t voted before and didn’t know what to do or what to expect.  I do remember, however, voting in 3rd grade.  It was 1994, so we were voting for Clinton or that other person (don’t remember).  We all got to vote and then at the end of the day they announced who the school had elected for President.  Of course we all voted the way our parents were voting, but it was still fun.  I felt like I had a part in the election (I’m pretty sure I knew that our votes didn’t count, but still).  Charlotte’s first election to vote in will be in 2028!  That’s crazy!  I wonder who will be running.  My goodness, in 20 years the person running for President could be my age.  Woah. To be the same age as the President.  Weird.



One thought on “i’ve done my deed

  1. yay for Christians doing their deed in the voting booth!!! & since my last name starts with “T”… I’m glad I voted early… there were no lines at all.

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