Ode To My Pajama Pants

110708-pj-pantsOh sweet pajama pants, how I love thee

You have been by my side, er, on my side (?) through all of lifes ups and downs

Through the carefree days where I have nothing to do

And the icky days when I spent all day in the loo

You remind me where I’ve been (go Phoenix!)

And help me to dream of things yet to come

While on the job, I would dream of sitting in your relaxed comfort

And now I can spend all my days with you

You don’t mind it when I don’t shower

You don’t care when the baby yaks on you

You keep me warm

You keep me sane

I love you more than I can explain


2 thoughts on “Ode To My Pajama Pants

  1. I love it! I totally understand about staying in your PJ Pants all day. It’s nice to be able to do that when you are at home all day with a baby. At least that way you are comfortable. I love my PJ Pants too.

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