finding beauty

I changed the name of my blog, in case you didn’t notice.  Everyone had neat-o names for their blogs, and mine was just my name. So I set out to find a good name.  Jamie said I should choose a name that reflects what my blog is about.  (Such a wide range of topics!)  I chose “Guiding Beauty”, in reference to raising my daughter.  The verse mentioned in Titus talks about the older women teaching and guiding the younger women.

People tell me how beautiful Charlotte is (like I don’t know! haha).  And while I obviously think that Charlotte is a rare gem, I think that every mother thinks her child is the most beautiful.  One thing that I have found funny about Charlotte’s beauty, though, is how proud I am of it.  Like I had a hand in painting the masterpiece that is my sweet little girl.  And on some level I did, genetically speaking of course.  But even that doesn’t count because its not like I made my own DNA.  Even still, Charlotte’s beauty has taught me something…

That I have something beautiful in me.  And that is a piece of information that gets lost so easily and is so hard to find again.  I think as women, we all tend to look in the mirror and wonder what in us is actually “worth it”.  And being able to see that I had a part in creating something so wonderful, so special, and so beautiful, shows me that somewhere in me is something wonderful, special, and beautiful.  I’m reading “Captivating” in our book club, and the part we read for this week was about beauty and what it really is. True beauty has very little to do with what you look like.  So while Charlotte is outwardly beautiful, the true test of her beauty (and my ability to guide that beauty) will come as she grows.



2 thoughts on “finding beauty

  1. You are right there is something inside of you that is beautiful, wonderful and you can’t see what we all see. Just be who you are to your wonderful daughter, real and loving. You have so much inside of you that you will never know you had but will experience it each day through her. You and Jamie are doing a wonderful job as parents, and you both are so blessed to have each other. Love and grow together each day through God, trust yourself in your plans for Charlotte God will guide you each day. You are a rare Gem yourself lady.

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