my heart hurts

*This post was written on Sunday but my computer was being silly, so I’m posting it now…

I know, its the weekend, a time for fun and play.  But this Sunday morning, my heart hurts.  One of my dearest friends is going through just a really crappy time (can I say crappy here?).  He is going through this, and there is basically nothing I can do for him.  Maybe its just some kind of mis-directed maternal instinct, but I want to fix it for him, I want to get in there and put all the pieces back together.  I’ve had my own heart broken, and while it was horrendous and awful, I knew I could fix it … rather, I knew where I could go to get it fixed.  But I can’t do that for him.  I have never hurt like this for another person.  Perhaps I’ve just never had someone this close to me go through something this awful.  Everytime I talk to him, in the back of my mind I silently hope he has some fantastic news, word of the storm passing.  But the clouds haven’t begin to clear yet.  They will, one way or another, they will.  But until then, all I can do is pray.  Pray for his peace and understanding.  Pray that God would mend his heart, help him see his own part in the mess, and give him the strength to make changes.  Pray that God would work in her heart, heal the hurt, erase the pain, and open her eyes to truth, then give her the grace to return home.

I guess in some way, I can help more than anyone else.  I can pray.  And the Bible says that the effective, fervent prayers of a righteous (wo)man avails much.  … And isn’t it awesome that Pastor Steve is teaching on Prayer right now … awesome timing God, awesome timing.



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