am i balding?!?

Strange story –  my hair is coming out like crazy.  You think I’d have a bald spot by now. (Thankfully I don’t!).  During pregnancy, they say your hair gets really really thick, and then all that extra falls out after the baby is born.  Well, my hair has always been pretty blah, just kinda there.  And while I was pregnant, I didn’t notice any difference.  My nails and hair grew really fast … like crazy fast, but that was pretty much it.  I thought I had missed out on that wonderful thick hair thing.  But apparently my hair did change, but my hair is so boring anyway that it wasn’t noticable.  That is, until it started to come out all the stinkin’ time!  I’m constantly pulling hair out of Charlotte’s hands, picking it off our clothes.  Oh, and my poor shower drain.  It has a rough life right now.  But despite the crazy amounts of 2ft long hair I find, I’m glad its “extra” and not the necessary hair to keep my scalp covered and unexposed.  Now THAT would be sad.

Oh, and speaking of hair- I found this picture.  It puts to rest all your questions about where Charlotte gets her red hair from…



3 thoughts on “am i balding?!?

  1. If you took prenatal vitamins during your pregnancy, if you continue to take them now, it is good for your hair and nails. You can also buy vitamins specifically for hair and nails, they contain mostly the same things.

  2. I’ve been having the same problem. Just when you think you have all the hair picked off you and the baby you find more. And I totally understand about the shower drain. Scot has even asked where is it all coming from???

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