pictures of the playset and other funny news

The playset people came out today and got the beast set up.  They are coming back tomorrow to power-wash, stain, and install the slide, swings, and climbing ramp.  But here is the process so far…




Cousin Kristen couldn’t come over today with the boys, they are all battling some symptoms of the yucky.  But I did get to watch A League Of Their Own, one of my all time favorite movies.  It was great timing too, because I’m looking at hairstyles from the 1940’s for the Christmas Extravaganza!

Something else that was funny today… Charlotte has been practicing taking her pacifier out of her mouth and putting it back in.  I was singing her Jingle Bells and she suddenly took her pacifier out and stuck it in my mouth.  Haha!  I don’t know if she was enjoying the song so much that she wanted to thank me by sharing her paci, or if she was trying to shut me up.  Its hard to say.  But it was hilarious either way.


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