playgrounds and friends

Today is an exciting day.  Today is the day that the playset is being delivered. Yeah, believe me, I know that Charlotte is way too young to play on it.  But Grandaddy Jim had to get her one.  Her life just wouldn’t be complete without it.  It will be spring before she can use anything on it (like the special infant swing accessory).  But it will be so awesome when she is big enough to use it.  Until then, I’ll just have to test out the swings for her LOL.  So that is being delivered today, and they will come back and stain it tomorrow.  Since Jamie has Staff Devotions on Thursday mornings, my dad (Grandaddy Jim) is coming out to be here when they deliver the beast.  I hope my mommy comes with him so she can help me get the sewing machine that I “acquired” from her garage set up and running!

Also happening today… my cousin Kristen is bringing Wilson and Cooper out for a little visit.  This is building up to be quite an exciting day.  And Thursdays are usually pretty boring!


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