the EXCITEMENT is in the air!

Can I tell you just how stinkin’ excited I am about Thanksgiving?? Every year we go down to Jacksonville, NC to visit Jamie’s family (the Bailey clan).  Okay, really its Verona, NC, but no one has ever heard of that.  Come to think of it, not many people have heard of Jacksonville, NC either… basically, we are going to the coast. Anyway, Thanksgiving at Grandma Bailey’s is the best thing on the entire planet!! Last year, we announced the pregnancy, and so it will be just so cool to have Charlotte with us this year.  Most of the family has met her, but she was still very twitchy-newborn, so it’ll be fun to have her interact with everyone.

Wanna know what else I’m excited about???

This.  Is it strange that this almost makes me cry? I nearly peed my pants I was so excited when I saw thier beautiful faces that have been so lacking in my life.  How I miss them.  Can’t wait until January!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m also excited about this.  How sweet is that?? I mean, really, what mom wouldn’t love this?

Oh, and I can’t forget this. Who can ever forget about Jack??

And this is exciting too…

112208-playtime112208-playtime-5My big birthin’ hips didn’t fit down the slide… but Slim Jim slid right on down!!


4 thoughts on “the EXCITEMENT is in the air!

  1. the playset is friggin awesome. I’m bringing my kids over ASAP. haha. If Jamie is having that much fun, just imagine how much the actual kids will have.

    & that mother letter thing is just amazing. I love it. What a great husband.

  2. Playset looks like fun we plan on getting one for the baby’s first chritmas next year. I can’t wait. Can I come play on your in the mean time? LOL

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