i heart gordan ramsey!

I have run out of shows on Hulu to watch (because most of them I watch with Jamie and therefore I am banned from watching them without him), so I turned to Kitchen Nightmares.  I’ve seen several shows, but today I realized that I really like this show.  As annoying as Chef Ramsey can be, (yes?), he is inspiring.  He is like Dog the Bounty Hunter of the kitchen world.  He will royaly piss you off and hunt you down for bad food, but in the end he will make you feel great about the changes you’ve made.  He may put you in handcuffs and beat you up, but he will give you a free counseling session in the backseat of his SUV.  (He does have quite a potty mouth though!)  Whenever I have to clean the kitchen, I watch an episode of Kitchen Nightmares online as I clean.  And Gordan inspired me to actually cook a for-real dinner.  Sure, veggies, rice, and chicken are real food, but they aren’t that challenging.  So tonight I am making baked potatoes, broiled balsamic vinegar marinaded steaks, grilled squash, and homemade apple dessert stuff (ugh, they smell soooo good)! I’ll let you know how they turned out.  So what fun things have you made lately?


4 thoughts on “i heart gordan ramsey!

  1. Mmmhmm, Hulu is the best! Unfortunately I learned about it after the SEVENTH week I had been home w/ the baby w/out cable. ‘Getting acquainted with Hulu’ should have been on my birthing plan 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the benefits of it & hopefully you’re up to date on all the episodes of The Starter Wife b/c I am completely behind!!

  2. The Starter Wife, one of my guilty pleasures. I just really like Debra Messing. Though I did catch that they switched the husband for the second season (the original husband is now making too much money playing on House, I guess). But yeah, Hulu makes life without cable bearable!

  3. Okay Jen. You’ve done it now. I am officially out of “stalker-dom” and am writing my first comment EVER on a blog. Gordon Ramsey – seriously? I LOVE GORDON RAMSEY! Unfortunately, Brett does not share my passion and I usually end up recording it on DVR and watching it alone. The most recent episode about the mexican restaurant did catch his attention though. Did you see that trash can full of refried beans that they were serving???? Gross! I’m not sure that I will ever go back to a mexican restaurant now.

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