hey good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’


Ain’t nobody got a sweeter dessert than this lil pumpkin pie!!

Cutest picture ever, I know. Watch out Anne Geddes! Well, we are back from Grandma Bailey’s (GiGi Bailey to Charlotte!) We had a great time.  Tons of food. And I mean tons.  OMW, Aunt Angie made this apple pie, but it had chocolate in it … sigh. Everyone fought over holding Charlotte, except when it came time for a diaper change, of course LOL.  Jamie and Patrick got up at 3am to start smoking the turkey (as seen above with Charlotte).  We played endless amounts of Wii games.  Argued about politics.  Listened to Jamie and Patrick play the piano and sing old hymns (video soon to be uploaded to YouTube!).  Watched in awe as Charlotte learned to laugh. As soon as I can capture that on video, I’ll upload it too.  It was a really great Thanksgiving.  Now the search begins for the perfect White Elephant gift for the Bailey Family Christmas. Any suggestions?


5 thoughts on “hey good lookin’, whatcha got cookin’

  1. This might sound ridiculous, but Emma laughed out loud on Thanksgiving day too. Before you could see her silent laughing, but she actually laughed out loud for the first time at my brother. Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving too!

  2. So precious!! I am so enjoying watching her grow. You really should publish that picture, it is just one of best i have seen…really!

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