a full week

There are so many things I want/need to get done this week.

  • Clean the house (ugh)
  • Set up my craft cabinet
  • Set up the sewing machine
  • Learn how to use the sewing machine
  • Finish the bib
  • Start and finish a teether
  • Create a curtain out of an old dress
  • Buy the needed supplies for Christmas presents (gettin’ crafty this year!)
  • Get out the Christmas decorations (I HATE going into the attic!)
  • Pediatrician appointment on Thursday (I’ll have to share that story with you guys on Friday)
  • Catch up on the reading for Bookclub on Wednesday
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Oh, and in between all that, be the sole caretaker and entertainer for an almost 5 month old

It’s going to be a full week!  What are you guys & gals up to this week??


4 thoughts on “a full week

  1. You know, I have a few things I would like to do as well.
    I got a few things done Sunday and yesterday…put the candy in the advent calendar that we stated yesterday. Things I would like to do are put stamps on my Christmas cards I did write them out already, wrap Christmas gifts, put the Christmas lights up outside (inside has been done for some time), make a gingerbread house with Anthony and bake cookies! All this along with homeschool and running our carpet cleaning business from home 🙂

  2. have another baby… then your ‘to do’ list becomes a “chyeah, right” list. haha. I’ve had a pair of jammies for Miss Keely that I’ve been wanting to sew for months now! By the time I get them done, she’ll be 5 sizes bigger than the friggin’ jammies. There just isn’t enough down time for all of the projects in my noodle. ugh.

  3. let me know if you want to get together. I’m setting up all my craft stuff in the new place this week as well. I have some ideas I wanted to run by you as well.

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