for your tuesday enjoyment

I think my brother is Davy Crockett.  Here’s a piece of the conversation I had with him this morning…

10:10 AM Seanthe mountains were fun. We saw 7 bears
me: how close?
10:11 AM Sean: 50 yards before they ran away
me: good, they ran away instead of towards you. how big were they?
Sean: they were teenagers about 300 lbs. The campsite we wanted to go to was closed due to aggresive bear activity
10:12 AM me: wow. i bet that was kinda freaky
Sean: it made me stop for a second and think about my responsibility to protect everyone
I just wore my gun on my hip for the rest of the trip
10:13 AM even at the campfire all night
me: would shooting the bear actually work? i heard somewhere that it just makes them mad b/c its hard to kill them
Sean: it would be the niose that you would want
10:14 AM dont hit them but shoot in front one shot
if that doesnt work save your bullets for an upclose shot to the face or forehead
that means within touching range
me: geez, where did you learn that?
10:15 AM Sean: it is common sense
me: yeah maybe for davy crocket



2 thoughts on “for your tuesday enjoyment

  1. That’s funny. I wouldn’t exactly consider that common sense…thought it does make sense. Also, the effectiveness of a side arm against a bear would depend greatly on the caliber.

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