2 shots

That’s what Charlotte got today. No I wasn’t referring to alcohol, you heathen.  Though I did find an awesome gift idea – homemade room spray … but the main ingredient is vodka … so oh well. Anyway.

Originally I was not going to give Charlotte any vaccines at all. But because we travel out of the country (Jamie especially) we are exposed to more diseases than average folk.  Plus we want her to travel with us.  But I still don’t think they are as safe as all the doctors and drug companies claim, so I am spreading them out. She only gets 2-3 at a time.  Sure, it means more visits to the doctor and more money to pay … but I will not jeopordize my childs health for money or convenience. … I’ll get off my soap box now because that really isn’t the point of this blog.

When we were choosing a Pediatrician, I asked a LOOOOTTTT of people who they used.  The overwhelming response I got was for the one we chose.  It was convenient too, literally next door to my chiropractor and my OB.  Since I knew I was going to use a “modified vaccination schedule”, I called and asked them about thier feelings on it and I was told that it was not a problem and that lots of parents choose that option.  However, that is not the “warm welcome” we got from the actual doctor we saw.  Without going into too many details, he was really insulting.  He said we were giving Charlotte vaccines more often “for the fun of it”, implied that we didn’t do any research at all and just “made up” the schedule, and that our actions were “negligible”.  Oh, I got steamed.  Thankfully Jamie was there to talk with him calmly.  I was so mad I couldn’t even think of anything to say.  At one point Jamie even said, “You don’t have to try to make us feel bad about our decision, you know that, right?”.  So I decided that I did NOT want to see that doctor again, but I didn’t want to give up on the whole practice just yet.  So I called the supervising doctor and asked to see another doctor (thier policy with modified vacc.sch. is that you see the same doctor to cut down on confusion).  After a few phone calls and some aggrivation later, I got an appointment with a doctor that I was told worked well with parents who want to modify the schedule.

She was amazing.  I should have started with her in the first place.  I was given her name before I even chose the practice, but didn’t request her when making the first appointment. That was a mistake.  She really was just awesome.  Just goes to show you, go with your instincts the first time!


One thought on “2 shots

  1. hahahhhh i could sooo imagine you walking into the ABC store, trying to explain your homemaking ideas as you purchase a huge glass bottle! roflll i just couldnt stop laughing at that first line… doctors? i was so lucky to get the doctor who tyy sees. he’s a good doctor, really funny, and with everything tyy has been through, its really cool to be able to have someone who has been there since day 1! sounds like charlotte is in good hands, now! 🙂

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