small town, high class

Last night Charlotte and I went with The-Resa and Ms Emma to the Franklinton Christmas Parade.  Oh yes, it was high class all the way.  We got there about 15 minutes late, and were shocked that they had started without us.  We had to park a couple blocks away and walk (gasp) across the railroad tracks to get to Main Street.  It was a good turn out, and we saw at least 4 families that went to our church.  Here are the highlights…


The mayor of Franklinton, who incidentally lives next door to The-Resa and is an Elon Alumni (go Pheonix!)


We had llamas. Beat that, Raleigh Parade!


That’s right, Santa was on a motorcycle. And even had his elf on the back!

After the parade, we went back to the Somerville’s house and watched “The Break Up”.  Funny movie, but I wish it had ended differently. The girls fell asleep, but I got this picture before they did…


Look at those Pretty Princesses!

We had a great time.  Thanks for the invite!!


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