it has come to my attention

RETRACTION: It has come to my attention, again, that the song Bubbly is in fact NOT about the “O” word.  See comments…

A few weeks ago I posted about finding “our” song for me and Charlotte.  Well it has come to my attention that the song is about an orgasm.  Oops.  Didn’t know that. I just thought it was a sweet song about how the girl felt whenever she saw her special someone.  I didn’t know it was about THAT kind of feeling! Still, the sentiment that I like remains and I will take the song at its face value.  Every time I see Charlotte’s bubbly face, I get the warm fuzzies, and she makes me smile.

If you didn’t know that about that song, sorry for ruining it for you. If you did know that that song meant THAT, then boo to you for not telling me.

On a side note, Christmas is coming up, have you gotten me anything yet? If not, you can get me this!!


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