What I wouldn’t give for just one day to sleep until noon. … But until my lil dumplin is taking a sippy cup like a pro, that will be just a dream.

I’d post more. But I’m too sleepy. Its been a long day. Must get sleep now.

Tomorrow I’m going to write a post about “friends”.  The anticipation is monsterous, I know. So much in fact, that I can barely keep my eyes open long enough to hit “publish”… nighty night bloggy world.


4 thoughts on “sleep

  1. even when she’s mastered the sippy cup… you won’t be sleeping til noon. As soon as she is independent enough to make her own breakfast… all probability suggest that you’ll have another one to wake up & feed. Gotta love the sacrifices of parents. Funny thing is, as tired as we are… it’s all so worth it!

  2. … & if it’s any concelation, the longer you’re a parent, no matter how many children you add… you adjust & you begin to not feel so tired anymore. I feel so old these days because the thought of sleeping until noon seems like such a waste of “me time”. haha.

  3. Sleeping in ’til noon?! What’s that about??? What a waste of a day…lol.

    Seriously, I can’t remember when I slept that long. I’m sure it would be nice to do every once in a while.

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