not so ideal has put Bewitched on thier site.  You remember, that old black and white (it went color in the later seasons) show about Samantha the witch that married Darrin the mortal.  She would wiggle her nose and things would happen.  You know what I’m talking about? Good, moving on… So it is the perfect length for Charlotte’s feedings, so I’ve watched a few episodes.  And its not like I remembered.

I used to think that Samantha was great and I wanted to live like her and Darrin.  But now as an adult watching that show, its not quite so ideal.  Samantha lied to Darrin and didn’t tell him that she was a witch until thier honeymoon (little late to back out now!).  Darrin blames all kinds of stuff on Samantha, about half of which is not her fault. They decieve each other in almost every episode.  Samantha’s mother, Endora, is so obnoxioius and poisonous to their marriage.  One time, Samantha turned one of Darrin’s clients into a dog because he was “aggressively coming on” to her… and Darrin got mad at Samantha!

I’m so glad my marriage is nothing like that.  I don’t have to suppress or change who I am in order to please Jamie. He loves me exactly the way I am.  We don’t allow our parents to manipulate us and butt into our marriage.  But in a way, Samantha has inspired me.

Jamie is coming home this evening from being away for a week in Costa Rica.  So I have the house all cleaned, the baby is bathed, dinner is cooking, and I actually put on some nice clothes (as opposed to the “house” clothes I normally wear).  Old fashioned values aren’t all boring, some are a great idea.  And I would love to be able to wiggle my nose and make the dishes disappear…



3 thoughts on “not so ideal

  1. your idea of the role of a wife is so similar to mine. Funny how I’ve gotten so many… “you do all that for him? why? you know that whole ‘wifely duty’ thing is so old school. He should appreciate you just raising his kids & you shouldn’t feel like you have to have dinner on the table, kids bathed, etc when he walks in the door” Sad kinda. I go out of my way because I love him & have a desire to please him & lighten his burdens, not because it’s my duty… & in turn… he does the same for me. Glad to see another young couple proving that this method is really the best formula for a happy marriage 🙂

  2. much agreed ladies. Except I havent thrown the babe into the mix yet. Miss Jen….you want to come look at lights with us?? No pressure : )

  3. ha ha I think everyone wanted to be like Samantha from Bewitched when they were younger. It looked soo cool — besides you could probably get rid of those dishes if you were her lol. Anyway, it’s good to do for your husband. you do what you have to do. Hey, you have been doing it alone with Charolette for a whole week. (maybe Jaime owes you a little extra this week) ;-p.

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