good intentions

This week I had good intentions to do lots of things.  We judge ourselves by our intentions, but others by their actions.  So by my standards, I had a super productive week.  By anyone else’s standards, I did practically nothing.  But here’s what I did get done…

  • Clean the house (ugh)
  • Set up my craft cabinet
  • Set up the sewing machine
  • Learn how to use the sewing machine
  • Finish the bib
  • Start and finish a teether
  • Create a curtain out of an old dress
  • Buy the needed supplies for Christmas presents
  • Get out the Christmas decorations
  • Pediatrician appointment on Thursday
  • Catch up on the reading for Bookclub on Wednesday
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Oh, and in between all that, be the sole caretaker and entertainer for an almost 5 month old

And in there I watched an unhealthy amount of tv on the internet.  On another side note, while Jamie was in the attic I had him get my last box of pre-prego clothes down.  It was like Christmas came early! I had forgotten about most of the clothes in there, so it was nice to pull them out and remember.  Granted, half of them still don’t fit, but it was still nice.  And they will fit eventually.  Probably once she’s weened (a blessing and a problem all in one, er, two).

But anyway, I just wanted to let you know what I got done this week. Cause I know you are interested.  And I just know you’ll be interested in this. And this…




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