Charlotte and Friends (episode 2)

It’s time again for another edition of “Charlotte and Friends”, brought to you in part by Bloggers Like You, with promotional consideration provided by Daddy’s Paycheck.

In this episode, we join Charlotte at her grandmother’s crib, where she’s hangin’ with some of the Cain crew.

Wat up, wat up, homies.  It’s Charlotte here, I’m just hangin’ with my boy Wilson here at my grandmother’s crib.

Cooper is here with us too, and he’s gonna demonstrate the hottest new moves.  You can’t hear it, but we are jammin to some fresh hits.

He calls this one “worm emerging from cocoon”.  Thanks Cooper, we’ll see you next time.  Now its time for our interview with Mr. Wilson, but first he better get up outta my face.

So, Mr. Wilson, tell us about these ears.  Are they yours? How’d you get ’em?  Can I have ’em?

I don’t think he’s listenin’.  He seems to be checkin out somma the other ladies in the room.  But again, he needs to back up outta my space.

Well that’s all the time we have, so lemme snap a couple pics with my new camera phone.  Dang… lemme re-frame that…

Yeah, that one’s good. I’m puttin’ this one up on my FaceBook.  Check y’all later! Holla!!


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